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Kosmix Picks up the Pace

June 27, 2006


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The beta version of a fairly substantial new competitor in the search realm, Kosmix, has recently expanded their vertical search categories to offer search in Video Games and Finance, in addition to the Health, Travel, and Politics verticals they’d launched back in February. Tied to their Video Games vertical is a newly launched search engine, Gazerk. Besides the fact that the domain name demonstrates very clearly how the world seems to be running out of real word domains, this powered-by-Kosmix […]

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Digg Expands Coverage to Current Events

June 24, 2006


Topics: Reviews.

From Top Tech News, Jay Wrolstad reports that will incorporate current events in their social news network. The new version of the site will be launching on June 26th, and will apply the traditional "Digg" ranking to new categories including general news and video clips. The article also reports that Digg will be increasing their social-networking aspects, adding the ability to pick and share your category preferences with friends or add personalized input to what appears on the pages. […]

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David Berlind on Web Accessibility

I would like to think of David Berlind, the executive editor of ZDNet, as an advocate for web accessibility. He skims the edges of advocating accessibility; giving mouth service to the principles of accessibility and giving some indications that he considers web accessibility of some importance. But, fundamentally, he doesn’t get it and he doesn’t support it. I referenced an article of his in May, on the subject of the lawsuit against Target Corporation. I only mentioned the article briefly, […]

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Search and Go Information Portal

June 1, 2006


Topics: Accessibility, Reviews.

Looking over my site statistics the today I noticed a few referrals from a site called Search and Go. Having never heard of the site, I figured I’d check it out and see what was up. Well, turns out it’s a project which is still in beta development which intends to provide a comprehensive information portal including articles, news, a directory, and various other tools. One of the key aspects for Search and Go (as one might conclude from the […]

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Net-Guide Accessible Directory

May 30, 2006

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Topics: Accessibility, Reviews.

I just became aware today, through the Guild of Accessible Web Designers newsletter, of an internet directory featuring exclusively accessible web sites. This is a great way to make the accessible web more usable for individuals with disabilities – although it has its limitations. My first reaction, of course, is that in an ideal world, this would actually be equivalent to the Open Directory Project – because, of course, eventually all sites will be accessible! But, of course, for now, […]

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