Following User Navigation Paths

December 18, 2007


Topics: Usability, Web Development.

An interesting thread at Cre8asiteforums, titled “When lots of your visitors go straight to search? discusses a member’s curiosity about navigation patterns after noticing that a significant percentage of his visitors — 25% — go directly to search after arriving at his site. It’s an interesting element of site navigation to investigate, and the thread raises a pretty significant number of additional questions worth analyzing. The navigation path of any given user will be fundamentally unique. However, when taken in […]

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Get your subscription to Search Marketing Standard!

November 26, 2007


Topics: Web Development.

The winter issue of Search Marketing Standard is out today – and along with the latest issue, I’m inviting you to take advantage of a limited-time offer from Search Marketing standard which will allow you to subscribe at 67% off the cover price. Now, Search Marketing Standard is already a pretty reasonably priced publication at $15/year — but this discount will give you a year’s subscription for $4.95. ($6.60 for international subscriptions.) Now, I don’t normally go out of my […]

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“Prettiness” is relative.

November 6, 2007


Topics: Usability, Web Development.

At least, in the final reckoning. Something which comes up over and over in my work is the tendency of clients to request design changes which I don’t particularly care for. This isn’t to say that they’re ugly, per se — after all, the fact that I don’t like them isn’t actually equal to “ugly.” Early on, I would argue with clients concerning these design changes — try and get them to see my perspective, etc. But the fact is […]

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Responsibilities of a Web Designer

October 31, 2007


Topics: Web Development.

Working as a web designer/developer comes with a significant burden of responsibility. When you sign a contract to develop or update somebody’s business-critical web presence, you’re confronted with a situation where you have enormous potential to abuse or, through irresponsibility, damage that person’s business. This is something I think about on an almost daily basis, thinking to myself “Have I taken the necessary precautions to make sure that THIS action doesn’t break anything?” It’s a responsibility that goes far deeper […]

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PHP/MySQL Boolean Search Script Updated

October 21, 2007


Topics: Web Development.

Just a quick announcement that I’ve updated my search script for Boolean matching in MySQL. The latest version is available for download on the PHP/MYSQL Search Engine script page. The changes to this version include: Fixed: various minor bugs Fixed: multipage results not available with quoted strings Fixed: full-text query problem Fixed: some compatibility issues with different PHP/MySQL configurations. Added: sortable results Added: configurable field label names Added: sample results page Added: test mode for troubleshooting. It’s not a massive […]

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