Google Site Links for “Joe Dolson”

April 2, 2008


Topics: Accessibility, Blogging.

This is just cool: “Sitelinks” are additional links Google generates from the contents of a site in order to help users navigate your site — they provide these links in their search results for selected terms. Most sites don’t have site links, so I’m finding it pretty cool to notice them for myself! If you can’t see the image, the current Sitelinks for this site are: Gallery Blog Home What is Web Accessibility SEO and Accessibility Articles On the whole, […]

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Google Toolbar ties to the Windows Accessibility API

December 27, 2007

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Topics: Accessibility, News.

Quietly released on the Saturday before Christmas, (what, are they trying to hide this news?) Google announced that their latest Toolbar release supports the Windows Accessibility API. This is (obviously) a Windows-specific release, and even further, it’s just an Internet Explorer release. However, it’s definitely a step in the right direction! I was particularly glad to see the comment: Version 5 comes as a part of our ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility in our client-side and web applications, which is […]

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