WordPress to Twitter with Cli.gs

November 10, 2008

Topics: Blogging, WordPress.

Technically, this plugin has been available from the WordPress plugin directory since last Monday, but today is it’s official launch. This is for two reasons: first, it gave the plugin a week to “shake out the bugs,” so that the official launch could be as stable as is reasonably possible.

Second, it’s my birthday, so I’ll be able to remember when the plugin launched. Isn’t that sweet?

The plug-in is pretty straightforward: it posts a status update about your new WP post to Twitter, passing by Pierre Far’s Cli.gs URL (Uniform Resource Locator) shortening service on the way. If you have a Cli.gs API (Application Programming Interface) key, you’ll get the added bonus that your Cli.gs will automatically show up in your Cli.gs account, so you can track the statistics of that Clig right from the beginning.

By default, the plugin will take a chunk of text you’ve defined and your post title and truncate them to an acceptable length (including your Cli.gs post URL) to send over to Twitter. However, you don’t have to just accept this stock text: you can custom author your Tweet for every post, using the WP to Twitter custom field in your post authoring interface.

Read more about WP->Twitter

Download it at WordPress!

20 Comments on “WordPress to Twitter with Cli.gs”

  1. Hi, Thanks for the plug in
    I’m currently using it, however if I change my tweet picture
    it dosnt want to update that
    any thoughts

  2. I started uploading useful WordPress plugins on my blog, and I think this could be a default plugin along with the all-in-one-seo and akismet I am using.

    By the way, Steffie – I did not understand if your comment was for any other post here or something missing as it mentioned money making than wordpress. May be I missed something.

  3. Just exactly what I thought after I commented earlier. But probably I did not want to admit it too quickly, unless you laugh at me not to understand such simple thing :-).

  4. Well, the easiest way (and this is a bit of a cheat, I guess) would be to simply change the text of your ‘update post’ tweets to match your new post tweet text. That’s the only real difference between the two methods.

  5. Thanks for taking time out to reply Joe, I was just wondering if there is any option to twitt my old posts without editing them. I am finding it awkward to edit those posts which I always wanted to tweet but without saying that those are updated.

  6. That’s great, Abhijeet! Glad that this is the right plugin for you — and thanks for letting me know!

  7. I am certainly happy with WP->Twitter plugin, and I was wondering about shortened URLs on Cli.gs and figured out here that it’s yours as well. Good job Joe! Thanks for making my WP and Twitter thing work.

  8. Thank, Dheeru! I appreciate the compliment.

  9. I would rate this plug in higher than twitterfeed. A great plug in, wish you success for this

  10. What a great plugin Joe!. I will surely try it.

  11. Thanks, Roger! Hope you’re able to make good use of it.

  12. Hey, really great of you to use Cli.gs as part of your plugin process. Thanks, am going to test it out! Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday as well!

  13. Tnank you very much for creation your plugin!And HI from Russia!

  14. Happy belated birthday Joe 🙂

  15. Great plugin Joe. I can’t wait to try it out.

    On a side note, today is my birthday, too. Have a happy one!

  16. Franklin TN Real Estate; November 11, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    I do appreciate you for the plugin. I am looking forward for more post.

  17. thanks for the plugin. really appreciate it.

    anyway, happy birthday!

  18. True, but twitterfeed neither allows you to make use of the Cli.gs URL (Uniform Resource Locator) shortening system nor allows you to customize your Twitter content.

    All things considered, there are tons of options for sending status updates to Twitter from WordPress – but they all have some degree of uniqueness! (So far.)

    And, happy birthday – for you and your plugin 😉

    Thanks! 🙂

  19. Another option is using http://twitterfeed.com/

    And, happy birthday – for you and your plugin 😉